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I am so thrilled to share this room with you today. My teeny tiny laundry room has been through a complete overhaul, poor girl, it was probably very painful! But you know what they say? Beauty is pain, and she sure is beauuuuutttifulll!!

Before I get started with the obscene amount of beautiful photos that my friend Colette so graciously took for me, I have to thank a few people. First Kenmore Appliances for being a phenomenal sponsor, this truly would not be possible without you! Second, my amazing parents. My in laws for putting in so many hours of labor, and spending some of their own money with constant runs to Lowes and for just being a wonderful overall support system. My mom and dad who constantly watched my two babies so we could get this done! Also my amazing contractor Ross for coming to the rescue with only one days notice to take care of some finishing touches! Of course my amazing husband as well for not killing me during this process! (he really is an angel when it comes to letting me decorate)

Lets remind ourselves about what we were dealing with here.

This room is just boring, and ugly, and completely not functional. Our washer and dryer were 25 years old, there were 3 layers of floor, one tiny cabinet, a horrible vanity and lighting. Really. Bad. People.


Want to take a little looksy at the new space?

Its vibrant, its subtle, its fun, its me. All at the same time! There are so many elements that I adore here.

We are a young family, we are in our mid twenties with two babies! Sophistication isn't at the top of my list just yet, I love color, I love pattern and irregular shapes, I love unexpected fun in my home! I think part of that comes from the joy I get out of my two year old, I want her to grow up in a bright fun space! (cue the pom poms) ;)

All star pick Hobby Lobby. These are seriously fun!

Amazing work by my talented Friend Justine, she can whip you up any sort of window treatment in no time flat!

The holy grail of washing machines. Unbelievable capacity. I struggle to find enough clothes for a full load.

I am really quite proud of this room. It took a lot of coordination as far as patterns, colors, and textures, to bring together a cohesive and functional space that packed a punch but wasn't overwhelming. There are so many small details like the brick tile and colored ceiling that add that something special. BTW even though you can only see a little bit of the brick, the ENTIRE WALL is tiled! I even cut and laid many of those pieces by hand *learned a new skill in the process too*

Choosing a fabric to compliment the floor but also be able to stand up against it was also a challenge, there were a lot of wonderful options but this print has always been one of my favorites!

The art was another story, I looked FOREVER to find something perfect on the internet, I was willing to invest up to $300 to find the perfect piece, I knew it had to be simple enough to not compete with the roman shade fabric but also strong enough to stand next to it and fill a blank space on the wall. I also knew I WANTED coral! I wanted it to be the main accent color against the mint since I started the project.

I literally walked into hobby lobby one day and these two floral canvas prints were staring me in the face at $7.00 a piece, the flowers were even planted in black and white pots and were the perfect size, I mean really I don't think I could have found anything better suited for this scheme.

Here are the sources for all of the items used in this project:

Washer and Dryer: Kenmore Elite

Floor Tile: Elite Tile/Wayfair

Vanity: Lowes: Dryden *painted*

Faucet and Toilet Paper Holder: Delta Lahara Collection

Vanity Light: Quorum

Flush Mount Light

Roman Shade Fabric: Schumacher Chaing Mai Dragon in Ebony

Countertop: Formica: Pattern 1097 - Citadel

Toilet: American Standard Studio Dual Flush

Art and accessories are all from hobby lobby

Paint Colors:

Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green on cabinets, crown moulding, vanity

Sherwin Williams Snowbound on walls

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray on ceiling and base trim

Special Thanks To:

Linda from Calling it Home

House Beautiful Magazine

The Kenmore Team and Zeno Group

Ashley Johnson at Wayfair

Justine Touring of JD Designs and Workroom

Ross K of Karacon Homes

Amanda from The Brush and Hammer Company

Colette from Restyle it Wright (photography) - Check out her ORC HERE

My Designer Therapy Family ;)

Thats it! We did it! Thank you so much for joining me on this challenge, I really do appreciate it! Now, I have some laundry to do!

Connect with me on Instagram to follow along on EVEN MORE of my crazy projects! @rebeccatenbrink

and make sure to check out all of the other participants HERE



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