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YAY! One more week until I have the most beautiful gosh darn laundry room on the entire planet! I copped out of the whole DIY thing and hired my contractor to put in a few hours of real progress into the room and it was worth every penny, being in the industry myself I managed to get him the next day when builders are scheduled months in advance. These are the perks of being a designer people. I got so lucky!

I still have the paint the crown moulding the same color as the cabinets. But we are getting really close. This is the only picture I'm going to share today because I don't want to reveal too much!

laundry room

Holy cow! Its way better than I imaged. The best part is IM DOING LAUNDRY AGAIN!

I am writing this post later in the afternoon because have been doing laundry all morning. I really wanted to check these babies out before I wrote about them, not only are they beautiful but they are HUGE! I went to wash my sheets this morning, in my old washer that is all I could fit, my queen sheets and usually one or two towels before my top loader was full.

In this photo there are as follows: An entire set of queen sheets, 4 large bath towels, tons of socks, pajamas for three people, a few random odds and ends. Seriously this thing is only filled 1/3 of the way! I could have put more in! This is going to save me SO MANY LOADS!! I really didn't realize how much I was going to like these to be honest you guys but I could probably do an entire weeks worth of laundry for 4 people in one load.

I don't even understand how this is possible.

These things function so well and even the dials turn incredibly smooth, plus, they are WHISPER quiet. When I first considered front loaders a ton of people told me that they were loud or that they had noise issues with them, I honestly don't mind doing laundry with these. The putting clothes away part is another story though, when will they invent something that does that? hmmmmm....

I took a video, the only noise you hear is my baby thats on my shoulder while Im filming! *hopefully my video works* (I'm not tech savvy)

You should know this post is sponsored by Kenmore but in no way would I ever lie about my opinion on my blog, I wouldn't endorse a product I truly didn't believe in.

I do want to talk about the panel a little bit on this, not because I'm trying to sell anyone but because I whole heartedly believe that I will use all of these different functions and they will make my life so much easier.

They automatically adjust the temperature and force used to wash your clothes depending on what cycle you set it to. My husband uses the small load every single day, and then we also love the workout wear and I'm finding the whitest whites gets used a lot on my towels. For mixed loads I use the normal/casual setting. I can also see myself using the rinse and spin because with babies and tiny toddlers I get spit up on all the time! GROSS!

I have only had these installed for a few days but they have already been amazing!

I am going to do a little more research on the functions so I can add more to this next week but this has been my experience with them so far!

Find more information or these Machines HERE

Thank you to Linda from Calling it Home along with Media Partner House Beautiful Magazine for hosting this amazing Challenge! Check out the rest of the rooms HERE

Thats all for this week!

I'll see you at the reveal!


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