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Whoa, talk about a whirlwind of a week! I swear sometimes my kids were only born to drive me crazy. So many fabulous things are happening on the client side of my business, I rarely blog about client projects but my main job (besides being mommy) is designing other peoples dream homes! I am working on adding a portfolio to my website so all you lovely people can see my work but for now its just snippets!

Back to this laundry room insanity, having no washer or dryer is proving to be quite a challenge for my husband, he is very particular about his clothes aka he has 54 pairs of pants and only wears one of them. He has been driving to the laundry mat every single day, to wash one pair of socks, one pair of pants, and one pair of underwear. We won't go there. ANYWHO...

I am not going to post a photo of the room this week because I want to save all of the progress for NEXT week when HOPEFULLY I have my Kenmore Washer and Dryers in and spinning laundry so can give you all of the fabulous details on those! For now lets just Oogle and Ogle over them for a second.

Oh yeah it was voted best washing machine of the year! What gets a mommy with two littles excited more then a pile full of clean clothes? Not Much I tell you, not much at all. These babies are going to look gorgeousssss. SO excited! My last Kenmore Washer and Dryer lasted 25 years! We were at least the third owner of them, and they were still cleaning our clothes when Kenmore agreed to be a Sponsor for this season of The One Room Challenge. You can follow Kenmore on Instagram HERE on Facebook HERE and Purchase their Products HERE

So what did we actually accomplish this week? Well, I painted the Ceiling Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams. We installed the Cabinets on the back wall and prepared it for tile. We Laid the entire sub floor and cement board and prepped that for tile, hung the light fixture, and painted the walls Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, my friend and fellow blogger Colette from Restyle it Wright has this color in her foyer and she swears by it so I was confident that it would be a good pick, Colette is also participating in the One Room Challenge, check her out HERE. The color also matched the white on my floor tile perfectly! Whites can be SO HARD to choose, would how to choose white paint be a good topic for another future blog post? Let me know in the comment section!

I also changed my original fabric choice and got my fabric ordered, after much debate I landed on Schumacher's Chaing Mai Dragon in Ebony, it has been one of my favorite prints for as long as I can remember and it tied in with so many other elements in the room.

It looks like this.

chaing mai dragon

And together with both paint colors and both tiles we are working with something like this....

I also finalized my selections for a mirror and a light fixture for the vanity but you will have to wait to see those!

Until next week!


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