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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: WEEK 2: The never ending floor

I am pretty much ecstatic about the progress that has been made in this room so far. The last round of the ORC we basically did not very much until about week 4 and then did a big giant push literally until 4am the night the post was due!

This room might not look all that different right now from when it started, but I swear a lot has been done!

The first thing that happened was the floor tile was ripped out, here is a reminder of what that looked like.

You really can't see it all that well so here is a better image of what it was.

This is essentially identical. Why on earth do they even make this hideous tile!!?

Anyways, once that was ripped up there was cement board under that, which was also removed AND THEN we found the original laminate! We were not expecting to have to remove two floors and two subfloors but oh well thats what happened!

Here is where we sit right now, we still need to remove this lovely layer of laminate but the baseboards and toilet are gone, and the vanity is unhooked I just need to move it out before we lay the new subfloor.

The other MAJOR task that is completed is the cabinets and vanity are painted! I splurged to have someone professionally spray them and It could not have been a better decision for multiple reasons.

A: I have a newborn and a two year old so I barely have time to pee yet alone paint multiple coats of primer and paint on two massive 47 inch cabinets and a vanity, it just wasn't going to happen.

B: I would have done a crap job with a brush compared to having them sprayed with a lacquer, like I said BEST SPLURGE EVER. It was actually the most expensive part of this entire project.

Here is one of the cabinets with the original finish. I scored two massive 47 inch cabinets on a yardsale site for $100.00 the cabinets are solid cherry with glass doors and were originally $700 each! They were also in PERFECT condition, just the wrong color. I will be adding crown moulding to the tops to give them a finished look!

Cue Amanda from The Brush and Hammer Company and now they are Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green, here is a sneak peek of a photo she sent me. She does AMAZING work and is super sweet to boot!

They sort of look white here because this was only one coat plus there is a lot of sunlight in this pic but they are GREEN! yay!

Another decision that has been made is the ceiling and window trim color, I decided to go with Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams, its a dark charcoal that is almost an exact match to my floor tile. I quick did one coat this morning so I could show you, this picture is horrible because of the light coming through the window but you get the idea!

gray window trim

Next week I will have more to update on including more detail about that fabulous washer and dryer provided by Kenmore and some awesome fabric selections for the window covering!

Here is a reminder of the mood board so I don't leave you with just hideous pictures this week!

Wish me luck!


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