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YAY! It's time for yet ANOTHER One Room Challenge, this is my THIRD challenge, I can hardly believe it! View my other projects HERE and HERE . What I love most about this challenge, besides seeing all of the wonderful finished rooms, is that projects actually get completed! We have a lot of uncompleted projects around our house unfortunately, including an 80% stained deck, a 50% complete coat closet, and a pantry that needs lighting. *This was supposed to be my Christmas Present btw*

HOWEVER I have the best In-laws in the world and they are willing to lend a hand AGAIN to do most of the labor on this project, which always saves us A TON of money, they are super heroes!

This time around we are tackling our laundry room! It also doubles as a half bath and is the only bathroom on the main floor. Between our family, guests, and now two kids (we just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago) this is one of the hardest working rooms in our house!

Want to know the most exciting part?! We are going to have a brand new sleek washer and dryer to wash all of those baby clothes in! Kenmore is graciously sponsoring this challenge and has sent over this Washer and this Dryer

I will do a more detailed post on the features of these wonderful machines during the challenge, If you are in the market I strongly advise you to check these bad boys out, plus they include a warranty and they have excellent customer service!

Lets take a look at the before photos which include my old laundry pair, which are also Kenmore, but they are 25 YEARS OLD! Manufactured in 1991 and still kicking! That is a LONG life for a washer and dryer and thats why I knew I wanted to use kenmore yet again!

Here is looking into the room, its a very small footprint, has lovely terra-cotta orange tile on the floor, and almost ZERO storage space with it's one tiny cabinet.

Yet again, nothing special about this space, I did clean for these photos so it has that going for it! I can't wait to replace that lovely light and vanity!

Here are the old washer and dryer, I must say I am still impressed they lasted this long but they just aren't as aesthetically pleasing as the newer models, plus I want to put a counter over top of the new ones so I need front loaders.


My plan is to follow this mood board as close as possible

laundry room mood board

The terra-cotta tile will be replaced by this pretty black and white ceramic tile, I know this pattern is really trendy and popular right now which I usually try to shy away from but I LOVE IT and it was really in expensive at under $4.00 per square foot *can't beat that*

I am also going to use ceramic brick tile on the wall behind the washer and dryer, try to add a butcher block counter top over the machines, change out the lighting, vanity and mirror, and add cabinets and crown moulding plus a hanging bar for clothes and possibly an ironing board if I can fit it! I also chose a fancy Schumacher fabric for the Roman Shade which will be made by my dear friend Justine from JD Designs and Workroom, this girl is so sweet and an insanely talented *self taught* seamstress.

If all goes right the room should look something like this when we are finished. I am still a little unsure about the crown moulding color, and there will be baseboards in the real room *my rendering skills aren't great.* I left the chandelier from my original plan in the model because I love the way it looks, but unfortunately I don't think the cabinet doors will open unless I use a semi-flush. The light on the mood board is the light I will be using for this project.

Overall the changes aren't too crazy but it will still be a ton of work! Especially since I have an obsession with tile and always add as much fun tile as I can, wherever I can! (hence the brick)

What do you think of my plan? Is your laundry room a space that you love to be in? Comment in the section below and be sure to check out all of the other participants by clicking on the image below!

I hope you enjoyed this post,



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