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Hi! Its been a while since I've done a client project post, so today I thought I would pull double duty with not one, but TWO bathroom remodels, in the same house! The bathrooms themselves aren't anything too extravagant but they look SO MUCH BETTER than they did before I started. Lets take a look at the before photos of the upstairs bathroom that two of their kids share.

Pretty builder basic bathroom with laminate floors, laminate counters, and no real style to say the least. We were in need of a refresh!

before photo of bathroom


These clients tend to want to lean a little bit more towards a modern aesthetic, but their house is very traditional so I had to find a good balance for both bathrooms that wouldn't look out of place in the house, but still felt fresh, clean and modern.

whoa. that's better.

Love this floor and vanity combo

super simple shelves

I can't say that this is a bathroom that I am super impressed with my skill as a designer, as their isn't really anything extraordinary about it, but the updated simplicity of this room just makes sense, and is practical for my client. Someday ill get to use the wild wallpapers and fancy water gutted marbles that I so desire, but for now I am really happy with how this turned out!

On to the basement bathroom where I did get to use a bit more creativity in designing a custom shower.

Here it is BEFORE

bathroom before photo

For some reason this shower/tub combo was never actually functional. When they built the house, they decided not to finish this bathroom because of its basement location, with having young kids they knew it wouldn't be used for many years, however now that their oldest son is a teen, it was time to give him a functioning shower.

We took EVERYTHING out of this bathroom and started from scratch.

Excuse the horrible pictures, I really need to start hiring a photographer for these things. Bathrooms are terribly difficult to photograph.

So much better.

I love the different levels on the vanity and all of the storage!

A custom striped tile shower was fun to design

beautiful tile work that is fun yet simple and classic!

I love this frameless sliding barn door

The white and gray wood look tile worked really well here, unfortunately there was nothing that we could do about the toilet being so far out from the wall without re-locating the plumbing which wasn't budget friendly. #lessonlearned

So thats it! Two quick bathroom re-models that are vast improvements to the home! I love anything clean and simple and these two fit the bill!

What do you think?

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