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Im excited today to talk about what has become my favorite thing to design in a room! LIGHTING! It's funny because when I first started designing I didn't really realize the importance of lighting in a room, now I think its one of the most important elements. When designing small rooms like laundry rooms and bedrooms, I often choose a statement light fixture first and work everything else around that. There are just so many cool and beautiful light fixtures out there, some of them are works of art! I think the thing that makes my home feel custom to me are the special light fixtures I have chosen for each and every space, and today I'll share some of my favorite sources to buy lights, this goes way beyond big box stores in stock inventory - AVOID THESE AISLES LIKE THE PLAGUE and you can enjoy lighting in your home that is beautiful and unique to you!

Of corse there are many more types of lighting but lets learn a little bit of the basics before we see how I transformed my upstairs hallway using lighting from Quoizel, and just a few pieces of art and accessories.

Quoizel has some fantastic lighting options and was generous to provide me with a discount on the light fixtures I used in my hallway in order to help produce this post! All of the pieces in the above graphic are available HERE

Now that you know a little bit about different types of lighting, lets check out how I spruced up my hallway with some overhead and ambient lighting to make a huge impact on the space! I LOVE how attainable this look is, you guys, my house is COOKIE CUTTER but with the right type of lighting and some good styling, your house can feel higher end than it actually is!

Check out how basic my BEFORE hallway was!

I really like the hole in the wall too :) Somehow my husband managed to do that while hooking up the cable on the TV in our bedroom.

What on earth do you put on that massive overhead wall?

Builder grade lighting

doggie nap spot


I decided to change the paint color ever so slightly in the after pictures, the before color is Crisp Khaki by Benjamin Moore and the after color is Edgecomb Gray, also by Benjamin Moore.

Lets check out the difference!


How funky is that light fixture? It's called the Duty Pendant. What I love about it is that its between silver, and brass, and bronze, which really suits my indecisive taste and helps blend any other finish in the house, its also great for those of you afraid to jump on the matte brass band wagon that I love so much!

Simple Ikea frames - $15.00 each! Shhhh I dropped and almost broke the bottom one

I love these modern hexagon mirrors - so fun!

Art in another Ikea frame by Parima Studio

Custom Made Artwork by White Hydrangea Design - OBSESSED with that and my new sconces

They give such a fun glow!

The Quoizel Adams Sconce, I loved the classic equestrian vibe it gave me, and the white shade made it feel really high end, I also think the round circle shape adds a bit of modern flair

They sit so nicely on the wall

Just a few tweaks to the cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, it holds my books and camera equipment since I am losing my office due to the new baby!

I threw in a rug, and it's all toddler approved!









How do you like this hallway transformation?

Let me know in the comments!



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