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I have been MIA for a little while to say the least. I enjoyed a few weeks off over the holidays just spending time with my family, relaxing, and getting my house in order. Just when I was ready to hop back on the blogging train, my entire house was hit HARD with sinus infections that put us down for over two weeks! Now I am BACK blogging client projects and all things Inspired Life Interiors, as well as trying to update my ever growing portfolio on my website!

Today I wanted to share this gorgeous master bedroom that I just completed and talk a little bit about the process that it took to get it where it is today.

First off, the home that this room is in is REALLY nice, it's a new build and it's in the nicest neighborhood in my city! This is actually the 4th room in this house I have done, and the clients themselves are pretty awesome people too. Mrs. Client is an emergency room doctor, and Mr. Client is a state police officer and their K-9 trainer as well, so basically they are superman and superwoman and they save lives every day. They also manage 3 kiddos and have crazy schedules that are constantly switching from day to night shifts. It was REALLY important to make this room feel restful and comfortable for them to sleep in during the day or at night. I wanted it to be a true retreat since they both work so hard, it also had to feel pretty romantic so they can truly have a place to escape together when they get a chance to be on the same schedule.

This couple totally puts themselves last, which is really something I admire, we did all of the kids spaces and family spaces first and then finally moved on to the room that they truly deserved to have done. Lets take a look at her before, shall we?

No headboard or footboard and big naked windows, so sad! :(

YIKES! The dressers that they were using were super old, I actually don't mind them but they ended up passing them along to their son so we found a much better option for the space.

believe it or not this is where I actually started with this room......I knew one thing for sure....I wanted THIS wallpaper, and the rest all came into play eventually.

Then I started tinkering and decided I didn't like the bed or furniture and I stumbled across THIS VELVET BED FROM ANTHROPOLOGIE

ummmm hello gorgeous!

Mrs. Client said it was a wee bit too expensive so I started scheming and found THIS VELVET BED FROM WAYFAIR

ummm hello equally as gorgeous bed for $1400 less :)


However it came and we set it up and there way WAYYYY too much of a green undertone for the Mrs. I actually didn't mind it, I just changed the paint color, but panic ensued and we had to send it back. Here is a photo of that catastrophe....

Testing paint colors

I liked the top light green/gray one but we ultimately decided to go with another bed.......

I found perfect furniture, lamps, art, bedding and accessories and we ultimately ended up with this beauty of a room!

It turned out lovely! If I could have done it over again I would have added a round brass mirror above the bed, and changed the roller shade under the curtains to white, maybe even added a white rug under the bed, a blanket at the end of the bed, and possibly an accent chair in the corner, but the client was very happy to keep it simple and have it finished within budget!

Paint: Sherwin Williams "Tin Lizzie"

Wallpaper: Cole and Sons Fornasetti Nuvolette in Black/White color way

Bed: Wayfair

Dresser: Wayfair

Nightstands: Wayfair

Art Prints: Etsy

Frames: Target

Bedding: West Elm

Accent Pillows: West Elm

Curtains: West Elm

Curtain Rod: Bed Bath and Beyond

Do you like it? Would you sleep in this room?

Leave a comment and let me know what you would have done!



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