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I am sooooo excited to share this post with you! Mainly because of the amazing feast for the eyes that is about to ensue, but also because I got to spend some time with some pretty fabulous women and learn a bunch along the way while styling this shoot. This is an extremely photo heavy post, so I am going to do an additional post later in the week with more details, sources, and tips and tricks to get this look at your own holiday bash!

First thank you to Katy from Hydrangea Blu Barn for letting us use her amazing facility to do this photo shoot in! Also thank you to Amber Kniebel from Bailey & James Boutique for being just plain fabulous through the entire process, I may have been the mastermind behind the idea to put this on, but she took it to another level and made my holiday tablescape dreams completely come true. MOST of the items in these photos are available in her shop and they also have an E-commerce site coming Spring 2017. Seriously this girl rocks, she blows me away. Like, can I be you? #superwoman

Meredith, you had so many fantastic styling ideas and your fabulous hand lettering completely set off the backdrop and table. You were such an amazing person to have involved and went above and beyond in all aspects! Check her out on Instagram. Shout out to the fabulous baker Natty Em's Cake Shoppe for providing the most delicious holiday cakes for the dessert table. Last, but most certainly not least, Katie Grace Hollstein the sweetest, kindest, most awesomest awesomest photographer in probably the entire galaxy. Check her photography website out HERE and her blog, Bungalows and Olives out HERE.

Seriously Katie, you outdid yourself this time! WE LOVE YOU! (Rebecca/me, Meredith, Amber)

Should we get started!??? I'm not sure you guys......these pictures are too beautiful maybe I should just hoard all of the loveliness for myself..... ALRIGHT ALRIGHT FINE, consider it a Christmas Gift!

Barn Decorated for Christmas

are you dying to see whats behind these doors?

Christmas Barn Decor

it's almost time to find out....

Christmas Barn Decor

alright let's go in!

Holiday Party Inspiration

Welcome to the Holiday party of your dreams.....

Holiday Table
christmas table

like, drool......

holiday tablescape

christmas inspiration photo

christmas tablescape

diy christmas place setting

my favorite shot.....

ghost chairs for the win.

sweet simplicity.....

christmas tablescape

Holiday Party Inspiration

SO BLESSED to know these girls!

by the way we did actually HAVE a party......we had a 70 degree night in the middle of November and invited our closest friends and family for fancy pizza, salad, wine and cake! It was an AMAZING night!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in making this idea come to life!

What do you think?

Are you inspired?

Let me know in the comments below!

until next time.....



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