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I loveeeee decorating my living room for Christmas, it's really the only room in my house that gets any Christmas love, and thats okay, we spend all of our time in this room! I always start with a theme or a color scheme. I usually like to keep it traditional with red and green, last year I did red and teal, and this year I decided to add plaid and gold, it really just depends if I have had any major decor changes throughout the year, and how I can coordinate what I already have. I always make all of my pillow covers myself, but this year I made the 4 emerald velvet pillows, and bought the rest from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods.

My living room isn't super fancy, nor is my decor, in fact a few things are even from the dollar store! Its all about how you arrange things and lay them out, varying heights and sizes always makes for a great look!

I do have big plans for this room, next year I want to install built ins on the striped wall and do a sectional sofa in the corner where the tv cabinet is now, I need to somehow convince my hubby on that one though ;)

I hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek of my home! I don't share it much, but that will change as we do more and more work on it, its always a work in progress!

When you first walk in our front door this is what you see right in front of you, I painted the chalkboard wall and added the shelf after I moved in, I think it adds beauty and function, plus we don't have a fireplace so its the only place to hang our stockings! I am totally not a chalkboard artist, I usually re-do it for holidays but I just got a little lazy with you to be honest! You win some you lose some, oh well!

Here is a shot of the entire room, I have no idea why this is so blurry, on my computer its really sharp and as soon as I upload it, some freak thing happens. Better photos coming!

My dog was so confused.....

Better. The blanket was the first thing I started with this year, so cozy.

I used a clear pitcher, fresh cranberries, and greens from my yard to create the simple centerpiece. It's real home is on the dining table. SHHH don't tell!

a quick swap of the artwork makes all the difference

I could not possibly love this blanket any more.

lovely little three dollar "Believe" banner from Target, yes please!

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.

I have about 20 of these, they are a family Heirloom, made from real egg shells by my great great grandmother, all of them are different colors and have different things in the center, they are amazing!

These gold sequin pillow covers are only ten dollars at Hobby Lobby! LOVE.

I had to improvise on the risers for the trees, my second candlestick broke, oops! IKEA planter to the rescue!

Pretty sure every single thing on this table has just somehow landed in my lap, I don't remember buying any of it.

Hobby Lobby has the best floral,s I swear.

Moving to the left, again with the throw blanket and gorgeous velvet pillows.

the top of the tv cabinet, I don't care if it looks cluttered, I must get my Christmas fix! Also, reindeer are my thing.

"Beep Beep!" my daughter is constantly trying to steal this little truck. The Noel piece is a wax warmer, I went a little nuts with the Scentsy last year. The lights are from Target and the box is actually a gift box from Hobby Lobby, I got a few years ago with my gift inside and I use it every year to decorate with! The flowers are super fancy dollar tree flowers! ha!

The entire (blurry) room again, I think need to brush up on my interior photography skills :/

Alright you get the drift, lets wrap it up here!

to all and to all a good night!

Oh, and thank you to my little helper!

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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