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We found out some exciting news a few weeks back! WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL! Obviously I already had ideas in mind for a nursery, I actually made a mood board about two weeks before we found out! I am still in love with all of the pieces I have chosen, but we will see what we end up with! Here is the mood board for baby girl #2!

In celebration of the baby I am writing this post on tips AND things to avoid when decorating a nursery or kids room.


Im talking about the matchy matchy stuff that comes in sets and is made specifically for kids rooms. Whether its bedding, wall decor, or accessories, chances are that if it is sold as part of a set or sold at KIDS R US, it's probably tacky, not only that but I can almost guarantee that the art will be under scaled for your walls. Just because kids are small doesn't mean their art has to be! Here is an example of the types of items you want to avoid. I see these types of things in almost every kid room I go into. It's really terrible guys.

Here is a mood board I made WITH an animal theme. This is another way that a Jungle Theme nursery could be done. BTW this art is only $15.00 for a set of 4 prints! UGLY COSTS THE SAME AS PRETTY!


Nothing is worse than a super theme-y room. Is theme-y that a word? I don't think so, but you get the point. There is just no way to make these rooms flow with the rest of your house. I am just going to refer to the pictures on this one, check out this nautical pirate themed nursery. I am sure many people think this is adorable, but it sort of makes me cringe. I really hate to sound rude, but this just is not tasteful in my opinion.

Here is another nursery with the same theme just toned down A LOT. Its BEAUTIFUL, I love it, but it doesn't punch you in the face.

Still plenty of nautical theme but also looks sophisticated! Images Via Project Nursery


Nothing screams "I can't decorate" like vinyl wall decals. Most of you reading this have probably been offenders of this, and I must admit I did have some in my first apartment when I was 18, I'll even include a photo! Luckily I have learned a lot since then!

There is my little vinyl tree and birds, at least its to scale! It actually looks sort of cute on that wall, the little birds are even perched on the shelves, oh dear.

Anyways back to kids rooms. Here are some examples of bad bad wall decals.

This hurts my soul.

alright this one isn't as bad. I just feel like there is 500,000,000 rooms with this exact same tree in it, and thats just depressing, your baby's room should be one of kind, just like them!


Just because your daughter tells you she wants a pink room, doesn't mean it has to be HOT pink.

Usually colors are a lot more vivid on the wall so be sure to get something that is toned down a bit (has more gray in it) It will still look vivid on the wall but won't make you nauseous.

This is pink gone wrong, all wrong.

Pink done right, image via Studio McGee.


Especially on bedding, the stuff is so expensive and your kid is going to grow out of it so fast! If you want to put Disney Princess art on the wall, I suggest using a silhouette to tone down the color and still achieve an adorable look. Here is a great example I found on Etsy, click to shop it!

WOWZA, a little much don't you think? Also have fun re-doing that room in exactly 1 year.

BETTER, Still fit for a princess, just less obnoxious. Photo Via Little Dwellings

I hope I don't sound like an evil witch in this post, its OKAY if you have some of these issues in your own home, there is always next time! I think these tips will help you create a room that your little one will love AND one that you can love to live with.

I will keep you updated on my baby room progress! For now enjoy this holy grail of baby girl nursery designs. Emily Henderson is a Goddess. The End.

Image Via Emily Henderson

Take Care!



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