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I never host Thanksgiving, I would love to but its just not in the cards with the size of our house, plus my husband and I are the youngest of all of the siblings. I probably never will get to host until my kids are grown and my mother in law is fed up with hosting, and then my sister in law is fed up with hosting, I think thats going to be a while considering they just built a massive "party barn" last year and thats where Thanksgiving has been at ever since. However, I LOVE decorating for Holidays, probably more than anyone else in my family, so I was excited when I was asked by Belong Magazine to create a simple Thanksgiving tablescape for their blog. View that post HERE and check out the other fabulous tablescapes featured there as well!

A HUGE thank you to At Home stores for providing me with a gift card to purchase all of the decor on the table! Find your local store HERE to create this look!

Here she is! Super duper simple, and pretty!

I wanted to keep it simple, so I set it for four, not forty, which is closer to the actual number of people at our Thanksgiving.

Tip 1: Stick to one color scheme, I used greens and golds here.

Tip 2: Invest in plate chargers, these were only $1.99, they are plastic but you can't tell! The gold will work for ANY holiday! They add extra fanciness on the cheap.

Tip 3: Use unexpected items from around your house, you don't have to spend a lot of money to create something fabulous! I love the gold antler I used here, this one is from At Home but you could always spray paint a real one if you have one laying around!

Tip 4: Use traditional elements in unexpected ways. Putting the flatware in between the napkin ring adds something unique!

Tip 5: Pop a glass jar candle on the table for an extra punch of color! Plus you wont get melty wax everywhere! This Emerald Balsam one from At Home smells AMAZING!

Tip 6: Use faux florals if you're in a pinch, I always prefer real over faux but this still looks lovely and can be re-used a lot of places around the house!

Remember to keep it simple, but also remember that a little extra stress is worth it (in my opinion) to make something lovely and create beautiful memories for your family!

I hope you loved my table, and that it inspired you to decorate this holiday season! Comment & Share if you loved it!

Another Huge Thank you to Belong Magazine and At Home Stores!



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