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Hollllly smokes! WE ARE DONE! I am THRILLED with the way this bathroom has turned out! There has been blood, sweat and tears this time around! Well maybe not real tears, but tears of JOY!

I first have to dedicate this post and say thank you to my amazing In-laws! Between them and I, we did every last stitch of work in this room ourselves, we hired NO ONE, not a plumber, a contractor, an electrician or a tile man. My Linda has been over here just about every day for the last six weeks tiling her heart out, my Mike has done every last stitch of carpentry and installation, and I prepped, sanded, primed and painted until my little fingers almost fell off. My husband helped carry stuff and basically tolerated me, and my parents babysat my almost two year old little monkey girl A LOT so we could work on this project.

Secondly, and most importantly, a HUGE, MASSIVE, GINORMOUS, overflowing with gratitude, THANK YOU to American Standard for sponsoring me in this project. They provided me with the stunningly gorgeous vanity, sink, faucet, and toilet! I cannot believe I get to have these AMAZING products in my home. The quality and craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding, and all of the people who worked with me on this were so sweet!


Here is a reminder of the BEFORE: YIKES!

All Original, builder basic stuff, gross linoleum flooring and laminate counter

I did not clean for this pictures, YUCK! Check out that light! The mirror was glued to the wall.

The tub was an almond color, with horrible fixtures

There was TONS of mold in this room, there was a major accident before we bought the house as a foreclosure.

The towel bar fell off right before this project

again, surface mold in here and horrible function, the closet door constantly hit the entry door, cheap wire shelves, no style!

IT WAS BAD!!! I would honestly be almost embarrassed to put this pictures on here if the after wasn't so beautiful!


Here is a reminder of the mood board.

anddddddd.......HERE WE GO!!!!!

Looking into the space. EVERYTHING IS NEW.

Custom Built ins ad so much storage, beauty and function!

LUCITE! Hobby Lobby score.

oh how I love you

The 8 inch widespread faucet is actually an upgraded package, the standard is a 4 inch, I feel like Im in a hotel.

All new electrical

Im obsessed with these built ins.

Towel Hooks

Child step, probably my favorite part of the room!

The mirror is from Moen and was under $60.00, I just used the same one in a clients bath as well, its a great classic choice.

so convenient.

This toilet is AMAZING! It has a dual flush which helps save water, and a hidden trap so its super easy to clean with a quick wipe down, no more bending down and scrubbing the bottom of the toilet, honestly, isn't that the worst? The best part about this though is that my toddler cant actually push down the buttons because they take a little bit more force than a 2 year old has in her tiny fingers. She LOVES to flush the regular toilets and it has caused a lot of problems with the levers because she pulls them really hard and flushes multiple times at once if Im not watching. I feel so fancy.

I have to stop for a minute to talk about this vanity. It is GORGEOUS! Like, WOW. the Rattan Doors add such a classic and timeless look and the built in child step is PERFECT for growing families like mine. This is seriously such an upgrade, I keep walking into the room and just staring at it!


new rain style showerhead

new fixtures and the tub was reglazed white instead of "almond"


Last one :)

I also need to thank RUST-OLEUM, I purchased a tub and tile refinishing kit to re-glaze the tub, It was a gross almond color and I wanted it white. It is an AMAZING product, but I didn't prep correctly and needed an additional kit to finish a second coat, they sent me the additional kit to do the second coat, AND another kit for my master bathroom. I will do a FULL tutorial on this product later in the month, but you guys this stuff is honestly amazing, I highly recommend it to cover any tub or tile that is a color you don't like, its also less expensive than any other product on the market and SO EASY to use!

A few other people I need to thank are Ashley J. from Wayfair, this girl is literally a rock for me, she is absolutely critical to my entire design business. I order 80% of my client and personal purchases from Wayfair because they basically carry every brand and offer free shipping. She helps me with endless tasks like pricing, finding products, dealing with logistics, repairs, you name it she does it. Wayfair did not sponsor this project but I did receive a discount on some of the products seen here, like the light and shower faucet.

Also, my friend Colette from Restyle it Wright. We basically texted back and forth every single day for the past six weeks to help each other make decisions and deal with the pressure of tight timelines and hard labor. She did an AMAZING transformation of her formal living room, check that out HERE.


American Standard Portsmouth Vanity

American Standard Townsend High Arc Faucet

American Standard Studio Dual Flush Toilet



Shower Curtain

Vanity Light

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Thanks for stopping by!



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