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Hi guy! LOTS of progress has been made, well it might not look like a lot from the photos but I swear it is! I first have to say a huge THANK YOU to my in-laws they have literally done every stitch of work besides prep the tub for new glaze. I am pregnant right now so epoxy, and tools, and weird smells from drain pipes just don't mix with this mommy right now. We DID find out what we are having and I am going to do a post on that soon, which may just include an adorable nursery design!

OTHER BIG NEWS! AMERICAN STANDARD HAS DECIDED TO SPONSOR THIS POST! They were so generous to offer me a Toilet, a Vanity, and a Faucet! Here is my updated mood-board!

This is the beautiful beautiful dual flush toilet. I am so happy that my little toddler wont be able to flush so hard that she rips the lever off, PLUS the dual flush helps save water which is so great! It also has a hidden trap so its super easy to clean! I am so stoked about this toilet, the other one we had in there seriously had a broken flusher for a year, trust me I begged my husband to fix it but it still "semi" worked so he kept putting it off! It was so annoying that I banned using the bathroom all together, seriously I had not used it in a year, only my husband used that bath! CLICK THE PHOTO TO SHOP IT!

The vanity is beyond gorgeous, RATTAN DOORS! WHAT??!! Oh and a Built in child step? YES PLEASE! I tell you these people are genius! I had seen built in steps in homes before and I always thought it was something that had to be custom made so I basically crossed it off my list, SO EXCITED! Especially with another baby on the way! Here it is! CLICK THE PHOTO TO SHOP IT!

And last but not least here is the faucet, It's and 8 inch widespread which seems super fancy to me, I have been using a lot of chrome lately! Is it just me or is anyone else so over oil rubbed bronze? I suppose I really like to mix finishes the best but in such a small space I kept it all shiny polished chrome! CLICK THE PHOTO TO SHOP IT!

Here is everything else we accomplished last week.

- Laid the backer board for the floor tile

- Gave the ceiling a fresh coat of paint

- Backed the new "built ins" with plywood for a smooth cabinet like finish

- Bought all of the rest of the materials needed to complete project

- Prepped the tub for re-glazing

- Re glazed the tub (only one coat is pictured below)

By the way I used The RUST-OLEUM tub and tile re-finishing kit and it looks absolutely flawless, I was very impressed with the product and will probably do a full review on it soon. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Here is my lovely Linda applying the first coat of the refinishing kit, WHITE!!!

You really can't tell by this photo but the ceiling is super clean bright white now, I need to spray paint that vent now!

The Bottom of the closet will have cabinets so we did not need to add more plywood there.The plywood will be primed and painted today in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. If you look to the right you can see the outline of the Board and Batten so you can get an idea of height.

Thats enough photos of my hideous bathroom for today! THANK YOU AMERICAN STANDARD for sponsoring this post! Now I have to get off here because my daughter just ran peanut butter through her hair! HA! Wish me luck! I will need it!

Have a great day and check out the rest of the participants by clicking on the logo below!



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