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It's One Room Challenge Time! YAY! If you are not familiar with this challenge you should know it's basically interior design eye candy heaven all rolled into one fun, stressful, exciting 6 week period.

I love that this challenge allows me to completely re-do two rooms per year (That's about all we can afford anyway- HA!)

This time I am working on our upstairs bathroom. This bathroom gets a BEATING every single day. We don't get amazing water pressure in our master bath so our entire family showers in this bathroom - YIKES! It's also very small and builder basic. *Reminder* Our house was a bank owned property that we are slowly building value back into. Also *reminder* I do interior design for my job so my house totally gets neglected, so leave the gavels at home when you see these before photos people- This lady can only handle so many renovations at once! Lets check the Beast out in all of her glory, shall we? We shall!

Sweet Jesus help me. Just an FYI, when I moved in it was olive green with Dr. Seuss Quotes in vinyl stencil all over the wall. Hey, at least I painted!

No, I did not clean for the before pictures - all the better for the afters! Is this vanity not gorgeous? I especially love the faucet and lighting! Do not ask about the extension cord. My husband swears it is safe to use while in the bath tub - he may be addicted to ESPN.

Here are my beautiful storage options. You see that box at the bottom? It may or may not be my fancy new tile. The best part about this closet is that the doorknob clinks really loud with the entry doorknob. It really created a fabulous sound and is SO convenient. I surely will (not) miss that.

Do you like this slimy, moldy silicon against the faux stone laminate? Ive tried to clean it - Really I have.

My husband really thought he was doing me a favor by spray painting the fixtures. Enough with the spray paint already people! Buy new fixtures! Buy new doorknobs! Really.

The towel bar fell of a week ago and that's when I threw my hands up in the air and decided this bathroom was my first priority. Can you see the moisture on the wall? My husband takes two looonnnng HOT showers every day. Hence all of the surface mold on the silicone and in the closet- This bathroom is NEVER dry.

Do you think I can rescue this bathroom? I sure hope so. Here is the mood board and plan.

The Flooring is not on the mood board but here is a photo of what it looks like.

This bathroom is staying pretty simple, but still getting a gorgeous overhaul! Our house isn't too fancy so I don't want it to look out of place. I will keep it neutral, bright and functional so it fits in. Here are my plans.

- Tear out the floor, toilet, fixtures, and finishes and replace with brand spankin' new ones

- Board and Batten all of the walls 6 feet high with an accent *greenish* tile around the trim

- Subway tile *white* above board and batten all the way to ceiling *no more drywall at all*

- Re glaze tub to be bright white

- Completely remove and reframe closet to create a niche instead

- Create functional storage in niche by creating built in cabinets and shelves

- Re accessorize and style

- Not lose my mind or drive any member of my family insane

- Encourage all of my other sweet friends participating

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to check out all of the other participants by clicking on the logo to go directly to the post! Or HERE to visit the main page.

Have a great day!



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