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YAY! I am so thrilled to have a brand new, BEAUTIFUL office. Considering all of the function in the space, I think I did pretty well on budget also.

First, let's take a look at the space BEFORE. YIKES! This was always just a catch all room; it always had a desk in it but no one was ever really using it functionally. Granted this picture was really A LOT worse than how it normally looked and as you can see I was just installing the IKEA cabinets so there is a giant table floating in the middle of the room to make way for those! Plus its just a mess in the photo because I had no storage. (I keep all of my clothes in this room as well)

If you look in the corner you can actually see the small dresser/shelf when they were dark blue. I never had them attached before like they are now. It's actually an Ethan Allen piece my mother-in-law got from a barn sale.

Here were a few of my inspiration photos for the space! Obviously it doesn't look like either of these, but certain elements of them I loved!

Jenny Tamplin's office was just too pretty and it made me realize how ugly mine was! I fell in love with the green!

Image is from Houzz via Clarke & Clarke Interiors.

I think this is when I decided to go with the desk! I almost bought a similar chair from Home Goods that was navy leather with gold trim! A $20 chair fit better in my budget than a $150 chair though.

Here is my finished room! I haven't styled the bookshelves yet and there is nothing on the desk, but for today, it's done!

I would love to get a green and white striped rug for under the desk but right now it's just not in the budget. Oh well!

What really set off the plan was this amazing wallpaper! It is Carey Lind Designs and I got it from a local showroom. It's actually not a new pattern but literally as soon as I put it on the wall, Anthropologie started carrying it on their website. UM WHAT!? So RANDOM! I'm just going to say they took the idea from me. ;)

I knew I wanted the desk to float in the middle of the room, the desk is actually a bit too contemporary for my taste as I am not a "clean lines" person. I really do not like anything modern at all, but I know this style of writing desk is popular right now and I really love how feminine and crisp it looks. I had seen so many similar ones in beautiful offices online so I decided to take the plunge and I am really happy I did because the workspace is pretty big! The legs came in polished chrome and I spray painted them gold. After reading a Pinterest article about the best gold spray paints, I decided to go with the Rust-oleum because it was the best true gold {also it's Matte, not shiny!}.

Lets talk about this chair! HEAVEN. I love my sister! She got it for $20 at a yard sale and I bought it from her! I love the juxtaposition with the contemporary desk and I love the decorative pediment; it's like a little crown! I sprayed it with a green enamel and had it re-upholstered by Justine Touring from JD Designs and workroom.

Justine is SO talented! She also made this custom roman shade for me! The fabric is called "Bedrock" by Robert Allen Designs. If you are in Michigan and need custom window treatments of any kind, please give her a call, she is fabulous! Here is the link to her Facebook page.

These IKEA cabinets give me tons of storage for files, sewing supplies, camera equipment, or whatever else!

Lets take one more look!

This dresser and bookshelf were dark blue before I refinished them. I painted them in a crisp white semi-gloss, painted the backing gold, and added the gold hardware.

The file sorter I got from a yard sale for $10 and it was red when I got it. I sprayed that in the same gold spray paint. This will be great for keeping files for current clients!

Oh yeah! The light fixture is called the Flower Pop Chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids.I loved the glass flowers on it, and the sputnik arms and matte brass worked perfectly with the desk!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me pull this off! First, my amazing husband who lets me put flowers on the wall and deals with all of my crazy projects! Also my mother-in-law and father-in-law who helped paint, wallpaper, and install the light fixture! Thank you Kristi TenBrink for finding the amazing chair! And of corse Justine, who is a great friend for making the cushion and roman shade! I couldn't have done it without you guys!


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