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This past week has been a pretty hectic one to say the least. It is finals week at school so I am working on getting my final projects finished and studying for exams. I have 3 active interior design projects for clients going, plus I had a new client consult for a kitchen expansion.

On top of all that I had an additional client who I have done work for in the past, ask me to complete a guest bedroom for her in 5 days. Monday I brought over paint samples and chose a color, Tuesday I went shopping for new bedding, lamps, and got the matching nightstand to her existing one, Wednesday I painted her bedroom for her with the help of my amazing mother-in-law, and this morning we did touch up painting and installation! It looks great!

Because I have been extremely busy, my One Room Challenge project got a little pushed to the side this week. HOWEVER, I did manage to order all of the fabric I need and it has been delivered! I also have found a desk chair, ordered my desk, and finished some of the trimming. I'm not worried! If I can pull off a guest bedroom in 3 days I think I can do an office in 6 weeks!

Here is a picture of my amazing chair that I bought for $20 from my sister-in-law. She is a mega treasure hunter and I reap all the benefits! I love her so much!

And here is an up close shot of the fabric the seat will be covered in! The chair will be painted green!

One more thing, I have had several people tell me my font is hard to read on some computers. If you cant read it please send me an email or leave a comment to let me know.

That's all for now!

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