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I am OFFICIALLY participating in the One Room Challenge. SAY WHAT!?!? I really had never heard of this until another designer explained it to me. Of course I had just started re-doing my office the same week this started so I MISSED WEEK ONE! Ahh! I emailed Linda and asked if I could still join in and I am so excited to pull this all together!

HERE IS THE CHALLENGE ROOM: On here I will show you the slow and steady evolution of our spare bedroom {AKA dump zone, AKA home office, AKA craft/sewing room, AKA my closet}. Throughout this challenge it will officially become my office with storage for my personal sewing supplies. It will continue to house all of my clothes and most of my shoes. I recently gave away about 3/4 of my clothes and gave my husband the entire master closet. Aren't I the best? Trying my hand at minimalism here. Not working out so well btw.

This is what the room looked like before my husband moved in. He had this house before we met.

THEN my husband painted a random accent wall a blue color and threw in a NASTY desk, and it then became a literal dump zone that no one ever used. I only have really awkward photos of it like that {mainly because I was taking photos to sell the desk and vacuum to get them out of my house!}. You can sort of see the room in the background. THIS is how it looked when I moved in. Do you see what I am working with here people!?

Anyone need a vacuum?

THEN for my husbands birthday last year, I decided to do an impromptu re-design/clean up of the space. I never took photos of it...what the heck what I thinking? I bought two desks from target, and painted the walls beige because I had it laying around. I put both desks in, and we already had nice matching leather chairs that were passed down to us. I put up some wall art and a small white bookshelf and made it a dual office. It was a major upgrade but I did the entire room in 24 hours solely because I could not stand it any more. My husband was surprised and it was all good... for a minute.

THEN my Husband got a job working from home and he needed to be in the basement where he could focus. So out went his desk, and I put a giant table from our garage in here so I could sew on it.

WELL that didn't work because as shares a wall with the baby’s room and it was way too loud to sew while she was sleeping. FAIL. Plus I needed more storage desperately!

I had always stored my off-season clothes in the closet in this room, but decided I wanted to really get rid of A LOT of stuff in my house and that included a major clothes purge. One of my good friends Allison is an organizer and she helped me go through all of them and get rid of a ton! This is when I decided I needed to dedicate this room to myself and my brain began working.

Here are the BEFORE photos from when the organizer was here helping my with my clothes purge

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of when both desks were in here and it was actually decent looking. I guess it will just make for better after photos!

YIKES!! I can't believe I am posting this on the internet!

I found a wallpaper that I absolutely loved! Here is the new design board. I left a lot out because I am still brainstorming on how I am going to accessorize it yet. I know I am going to use a few things I already have! I have decided to use Robert Allen Fabric in Bedrock for my roman shade, which is being made by my fantastic friend Justine. Check her out on her brand new Instagram @JDDESIGNSWORKROOM she JUST started working for herself after working for a high end designer for years. Needless to say she is top notch!

Navy and Fuchsia and Behr, OH MY!

And this is where I am at today! I have the wallpaper up and most of the painting done. The color is called "Soulful Music" by Behr. I have other plans I will be sharing as the challenge progresses. Thanks for checking it out!


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