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Just My Style.

I thought a really great first post should be something quick where I could share some amazing photos and let you guys know a little about my personal favorite decorating styles! This is NOT what I always do in clients homes. I can design in any style from modern minimalist to french baroque.

My personal style is probably not as neutral as the typical home is. I LOVE color but I love neutrals too. And I really love to mix them together! I think I would call my ideal style “Colorful French Farmhouse Glam” ha! What a mouthful! - I might have made that up.

Also my favorite colors to use when decorating my own home are white, navy, all shades of pink, and Kelly green. My favorite patterns are buffalo check, stripes and really bold florals!

Here is a photo of one of my favorite houses on the internet. Brittany from Addison’s Wonderland is just insanely talented. I don't think I could find a picture that I love more than this one. Definitely feminine, a lot of floral, a bit of farmhouse style, and A LOT of color!

Via Addisons Wonderland

Seriously, that might be my favorite photo in the entire world. Here is another shot from her amazing home.

I cant stand it. I love it too much. She has been such an inspiration to me.

Check her out at

Here are a few more photos from around the internet that I just love!

This next one is from Haneens Haven. I LOVE this room! I probably would have chosen different art for the walls to suit me personally, but what I love about them is that Haneen has a fine art degree and she started loving art way back when she was watching Bob Villa with her dad. Those sweet memories made it all significant to her and I love that. She is also from Michigan and has a massive Michigan print in this room that is really cool! She JUST revealed this room about a week ago! It was really fun to see the reveal and follow her process.

I LOVE dark and moody rooms as well. Navy is one of my favorite colors; This is more of a deep charcoal but same effect. And it has green and floral so I extra love it. Here it is. Ugh, so dreamy.

You can check out more photos of this room at her blog

Here are a few more photos of rooms that I love

Kim Parker for Clarke & Clarke. via Houzz

How could you ever be sad in this room?

Kitchen design, rug, and textile design by Caitlin Wilson. That IS my favorite rug of all time!

Merigo Design Via Houzz. I think the barstools are my favorite part!

Martha O'Hara

This is labeled as "new french country" on Houzz. I must love Martha O'hara because I have a ton of her images saved! How gorgeous is this? I love mirrored furniture too!

I have yet to find my dream bedroom but I think you get the idea! Soon you will be able to see how I put this style into my own home, and I'm going to explain EVERY DETAIL!

Until next time!




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